Real Estate and Interior Design Photography | Hungary

This time I was hired to do interior photography of a home in South-East Hungary. It wasn’t just regular real estate photography, I was assigned to take photos for the decorator and the interior designer. This was an older house with many small rooms and the owner wanted a more spacious living room with less walls and doors. The interior designer created an open-plan living room by joining the previous living room, kitchen and dining room. As a result, there is more light in the new living room, since there are windows on almost every side.  Open-plan living is an attractive design choice for the modern home as it is airy, spacious and versatile. The decorator used white, beige, grey colors here combining with some bold yellow. There is some contrast in the new home: while the bookshelves are minimalistic in design, she placed an antique cupboard in the dining area. This was a really interesting project and relatively easy compared to hotel photography.

If you need architectural photography in Hungary, please let us know.


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