Product and Industrial Video

An industrial video is very similar to an image video, while in comparison to an advertising spot it is usually longer. By the help of an industrial film your company can differentiate itself from the competition in a unique way, where the strengths of your business are emphasized. It delivers important knowledge in a short form not just about economy and technology, but also about the industrial production’s processes.
Our film production company visualizes your individual product details, manufacturing techniques, processes, production plants, research findings and innovations by displaying detailed information and by using an impressive visual language. The film emphasizes your company’s unique features and raises the value of brand recognition.
In the pre-production phase we plan the video shoot. After recording, editing the film sequences is essential. During the post-production the film will be cut, a soundtrack will be added or text and subtitles will be used.
In order to realize a great impact on your business partners, investors and clients, we portray your subjects and convey your message with captivating soundtrack and intriguing direction.
You can use this advertising film in many ways: on your website, in social media, on YouTube, as a promo gift on a USB stick, at presentations, at fairs and events, etc.
On contrary to industrial video, corporate video is a comprehensive film about your company’s identity, values and aspirations. Products and services are lined up and introduced, but not in particular detail.
A product video presents and visualizes a specific product for marketing purposes. Product videos show complex processes in a comprehensible way and at the same time also integrate the corporate identity of your company.
We produce professional industrial, corporate and product videos in Hungary, Austria and all over Europe, please feel free to contact us.

This is the image film of Hídknap Ltd, a manufacturer of wooden products.

This is the demo film of a manufacturer of harnesses and ropes.