Solar Park Construction Photography and Interview Video | Hungary

We’d received one of the most interesting assignments this year from the Germany-based IBC Solar Energy to document the construction of the biggest solar park in Hungary by both photography and video.
IBC SOLAR is a leading global supplier of solutions and services in the photovoltaic and energy storage system sector. The company with its 38-year-old background is one of the pioneers in the field of solar technology and one of the international leaders in the field of energy production from sunlight.
Kaba Solar Park is situated in the east of the Great Hungarian Plain close to Debrecen on the commercial property that used to belong to the former Kaba sugar refinery. The client and owner of the solar park is the Swiss-based energy company MET Group which commissioned IBC SOLAR Energy with planning, procurement and construction. The company also takes care of operations, monitoring and maintenance management in the future.
Kaba Solar Park, Hungary’s currently largest operating photovoltaic plant incorporates the latest technology and has an expected lifetime of at least 25 years. It is located on 70 hectares using more than 97 thousand solar panels. With an estimated yield of 52 gigawatt-hours per year and an installed capacity of 43 megawatts, it will supply more than 23,000 Hungarian households with green electricity.
We started to document the project from February, until the finishing touches in October. Besides taking photos on the ground we also delivered drone shots.
We created not only stills, but video, as well, to summarize the whole project by an image film. On the inauguration day we also shot interviews, which you can view in the following video.


You can also view a small gallery of the project below.

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