Image Film Production in Vienna and Budapest

An image film is a short, expressive cinematic portrayal of a company, brand or product. An image film is the perfect solution to place your company in the spotlight, build emotional connection and convince potential clients about its superiority. Your unique business qualities, values and vison could be successfully presented by this kind of video production.
By an image film you can strengthen or build new customer loyalty to a brand or product. A positive public image always leaves a lasting impression in potential clients.
There should be an interesting story told or a fascinating image-sound collage assembled, which captures the audience’s attention. The viewers need to be addressed emotionally and become excited about the product or company. Besides emotional, suggestive content also information is conveyed. By demonstrating this unique character in a film can attract new investors, fascinate your clientele and bring in new employees.
An image film might have a length from a few seconds to ten minutes. Generally a business film shouldn’t be longer than 3 minutes, since after this time viewer attention significantly decreases.
Image videos can be used in numerous ways. Typical applications are videos for the website, exhibitions, major events, job fairs, social media channels or simply for a press release.
We offer you professional advertisement video, image film production in Hungary and Austria, please feel free to contact us.

Europa Transport Ltd. is a successful international delivery company serving a wide range of clients all over Europe.

This is the image film of a furniture company.

This short trailer presents the autumn river and the passenger ship, Boglár traveling the area.

This is the image film of the town Gyomaendrőd in Hungary. A non-profit tourism image film project.