Corporate Team Building Photography | Hungary

This time I worked for Kärcher Hungária Ltd., on the occasion of corporate team building in the town of Sümeg in Hungary, which is mostly known for its medieval castle. The employees of the company spent two days in Hotel Captain, which is a wellness hotel built in moody historical environment. The goal of the team building was to improve organizational productivity and it was clearly a successful project. After the hours of team building a great dinner ensued with live music and partying all night long. The following day a meeting closed the event, where the CEO and the managers of the company held their annual year-evaluation speeches and defined new objectives. The employees could also ask questions, then after lunch everyone traveled back to Budapest. Photographing such a company event was a great experience, since there were a lot of great moments and it was also interesting to have an insight into the life of a multinational company. My goal was to capture the fun and action generated during the activities of the team building event. Documenting this kind of event is important for future reference and great photos can build employee morale.


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