Countryside Hotel Photography | Hungary

This time we were asked to take architectural photos of Csipkerózsa Parkhotel in Csólyospálos, surrounded by beautiful forests and meadows in an untouched part of South-Hungary. My job was the interior and exterior photography of the hotel and its estate, while my colleague was taking aerial shots using a drone. The hotel owners would use these photos for marketing purposes, including their social media pages, various booking sites, their new website and leaflets, brochures, too.
The hotel is situated close to Szeged, a larger Hungarian city and it is owned by a Swiss-Hungarian couple who work as doctors. The hotel complex is sprawled over many hectares with numerous buildings and it is well-equipped with a variety of amenities. The four star hotel not only has a classy fine dining restaurant and a bar, but a gym and a swimming pool is also available for the guests. On top of these, an Airbus A320 flight simulator and a golf simulator are unique services offered only here.
The project lasted for two days, there were plenty shots I had to take in and around the hotel. The architectural photography was challenging as some parts of the buildings, for example the swimming pool was ideally lit only in a very limited timeframe every day. For the trickiest lighting situations I used HDR technique, i.e. I blended more exposures to not lose the highlights but also have detail in the shadows. All in all, it was a great experience to spend two days with work in this beautiful environment. After arriving home, I started to edit the photos, which took a few more days.
If you need hotel photography or any other type of architectural photography in Hungary, please let us know.


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