Conference and Event Photography in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a city where innovation, culture, and business converge. Stockholm hosts a variety of events and conferences, each brimming with unique stories waiting to be told. We are honored to offer our services in this dynamic capital.

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These are the main event and conference locations in Stockholm:

  • Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre: A modern venue situated by the water, offering versatile spaces for conferences, seminars, and exhibitions. Its strategic location provides breathtaking views of the city.
  • Stockholm International Fairs (Stockholmsm√§ssan): One of Northern Europe’s largest exhibition centers, known for hosting diverse events from trade shows to international conferences. The flexible spaces cater to a wide range of gatherings.
  • City Conference Centre (Citykonferensen): Nestled in the heart of Stockholm, this conference center combines historic charm with contemporary facilities, providing an intimate setting for various events.
  • Stockholm City Hall (Stockholms stadshus): An iconic venue with timeless elegance, Stockholm City Hall hosts prestigious events and Nobel Prize banquets. The architecture and ambiance add a touch of grandeur to any occasion.

Stockholm’s allure lies in its seamless blend of tradition and innovation. The city’s commitment to sustainability, coupled with its rich cultural tapestry, creates a backdrop that enhances the significance of every event. We are dedicated to capturing the essence and emotions of your gatherings in this vibrant city. ¬†Contact us to discuss how we can contribute to making your event memorable.

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Conference photographer Stockholm