Conference and Event Photography in Luxembourg City

We are pleased to offer our event photography services in the heart of Europe – Luxembourg City. The city, a European cultural melting pot, provides a sophisticated backdrop for events. Its international atmosphere, coupled with a commitment to innovation, makes it an ideal host for a diverse range of gatherings.

Event photographer Luxembourg City

Nestled in this vibrant capital are venues that host a variety of events and conferences, each with its own unique narrative. These are the main event and conference locations:

  • Luxembourg Congrès – Luxcongress: A modern conference center equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, Luxcongress is a hub for international conferences, seminars, and corporate events.
  • Neumünster Abbey Cultural Exchange Center: A historic venue with a blend of culture and modernity, Neumünster Abbey hosts events ranging from art exhibitions to business conferences in a unique setting.
  • European Convention Center Luxembourg (ECCL): Situated in the Kirchberg district, the ECCL is a prime venue for major conferences and congresses, offering spacious and flexible facilities.
  • Philharmonie Luxembourg: While renowned for its musical performances, Philharmonie Luxembourg also serves as a venue for conferences and events, combining acoustical excellence with contemporary design.

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Have a look at our main event gallery here or check our sample event video gallery here.

Conference photographer Luxembourg City